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Bowling is simply rolling a ball and knocking pins down.  If your objective is to excel in your sport, however, bowling is far more challenging.  There are many ways to enhance your game, regardless of your level of expertise, and no matter how long you have bowled.  The most challenging task is identifying areas within your game that can enhance your performance.

In broad terms, there are three primary areas of consideration: the bowling ball, the bowler, and responding to changing lane conditions.  Developing a well-founded, practical response in each of these areas can enhance your game dramatically.  This section considers your bowling ball and enhancing your ball reaction.

When purchasing a ball, it would be helpful to have some knowledge about what to consider.  What ball should you purchase?  How heavy should it be?  Will it fit my hand comfortably and effectively?  Is it the proper ball for the lane conditions I expect to bowl on? 

At this point, letís face it; you may not know the answers to these questions.  You may not feel comfortable about selecting a ball having the specific qualities for your lane conditions.  You probably donít want to consider fitting your hand, and you simply don't know how to lay out the ball or drill it to do ensure it does what you intend it to do.  You may not have the knowledge, tools or inclination to accomplish any of these tasks.

In the beginning, a certified International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructorís Association (IBPSIA) technician can make these decisions for you.  Bowlers have the responsibility to communicate effectively with technicians if they expect their ball to perform its function effectively.

It is important that the technician understand you, your style of bowling, and your objectives.  Technicians require reliable information on how to match your skills, style and objectives to the lane conditions you expect to bowl on.

As you gain knowledge and expertise in your sport, you are encouraged to participate by providing valuable inputs for your IBPSIA expert. 

When seeking medical care, your physician is better equipped to provide enhanced medical care when patient input is provided.  Similarly, your ball fitter/driller is better equipped to prepare a ball that enhances your ball performance when you provide valuable data.

Youíd be surprised at how a better understanding can enhance your performance and enjoyment in the sport of bowling.  So letís get started.

Here are a few areas for your consideration:

  1. The ball you purchase should perform well and match the lane conditions you expect to encounter. 
  2. Equally important, when a pro-shop expert fits your hand, these fitting measurements are base calculations.  It may be helpful to consider adjustments that can further enhance the performance of your ball. 
  3. Now, there is a third task: where to place the gripping holes in your ball.  The layout of the ball can enhance or detract from the performance of your equipment.  Bowlers have a responsibility to communicate effectively if they are to obtain the full effectiveness of their equipment.